Scar Revision & Removal

Scars are often left behind after surgery, injury and even acne. Sometimes, the body makes an excessive amount of extra tissue and you see a raised scar that is bigger than the original wound. This type of raised scar is called a keloid. You may see a sunken scar if something causes a lot of inflammation in your skin, such as acne or chickenpox. This happens because the inflammation destroys collagen in your skin. This type of scar tends to appear when acne or chickenpox heals.

Although scars are harmless, they affect the appearance of the skin by leaving certain areas discolored and rough. Scars can also be painful or itchy. Scar removal or scar revision treatments are designed to reduce the appearance of scars and create smoother, clearer skin. Treatment options depend on the type of scarring an individual has. Some common treatment options for scars include:

sAt McDaniel Dermatology & Skin Surgery Institute, Dr. McDaniel offer multiple scar revision techniques. During your consultation, we will assess your skin to determine the best treatment, or combination of treatments, for your scar treatment. Call us today at 985-277-5463 to schedule your consultation.

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